Sustainable growth.
Resilient future.

“In 50 years, when we might have the last barrel of oil, the question is: when it is shipped abroad, will we be sad? … If we are investing today in the right sectors, I can tell you we will celebrate at that moment.”

– Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Sultan Al Nahyan

Established in 2019, One World Impact Investments is a global alternative investment company that orientates its investment strategy to align with the vision of a post-oil UAE.

Playing for the long-game

Our approach to investment is a drastic shift away from a typical investment philosophy focussed on providing a return on investment, to one which targets delivering long term strategic impact. The overall approach calls for what we at OWI refer to as ‘playing the long-game’ – a process that requires long-term vision.

Partnership Model

OWI establishes mutually beneficial joint venture partnerships with businesses capable of contributing to the sustainable growth of the Emirate’s economy, its strategic objectives, and benefits to all humanity.

Strategic Verticals

The investment thesis is formulated around investing in and enabling partners who can contribute to Food Supply Chain (agriculture), Digital & Technology, Trade Finance, and Alternative Investments.

An investment thesis designed to deliver significant impact

We believe that we play an increasingly important role in our global financial community, ensuring that capital flows to where it is needed and where fiduciary and impact creates a sound foundation for thinking and decision making. Our investment strategy and approach focuses on four investment verticals we believe are the building blocks of a sustainable tomorrow.


Food Security

OWI invests in sustainable food supply chain partners who can contribute toward the UAE’s in-country demands and distribute food-related commodities and product from or through the UAE.

Trade Finance

OWI funds trade finance platforms that focus on agriculture, gold, other precious metals, and other essential commodities. OWI’s objective is to continuously provide innovative financing solutions that enhance each selected country’s business environment’s competitiveness.

Digital & Technology

OWI invests in partners who not only provide products and services in this sector but who can efficiently enhance the use of technology across our other investment sectors, especially in fintech & insuretech, healthtech, edutech and agritech.

Alternative Investments

OWI finds and enables partnerships and investments in businesses & opportunities aligned with UAE foreign policy objectives, UAE geopolitical strategies and Future Foresighting.

Changing the way people think about investment, ESG & impact.

OWI has created a scalable, impact orientated investment strategy that invests in mutually beneficial joint venture partnerships. We focus on achieving impact, protecting capital, delivering a social ROI, and creating opportunities to coevolve capabilities and develop strategic alliances that work together or competitively around innovation and bring products and services to global markets through the UAE.