About Us

Bringing sustainable change to peoples’ lives

Who We Are

Finance is about creating the means for human activity. We play an increasingly important role in our global financial community, ensuring that capital flows to where it is needed and where fiduciary and impact creates a sound foundation for thinking and decision making.

Established in 2019, One World Impact Partners is a global alternative investment company located in the prestigious Abu Dhabi Global Market. OWI has developed proprietary funding methodologies and strategies executed through the formation of long-term mutually rewarding partnerships that promote and develop impact orientated investments and projects.

Our Vision

We work to help shape a resilient, prosperous and sustainable post-oil future by developing investment models that meet the UAE’s strategic objectives and the competitive demands of a global economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure a resilient future by forming trusted partnerships and ensuring that each partnership can enable strategic, social, environmental and economic impact that brings sustainable change to people’s lives.

We’re working towards a sustainable post-oil UAE economy by:


Embracing a sustainable financial economy

Sustainability is changing the way we live and do business. We align our money with our values and invest in partnerships that put people, environment and ethics first. Prioritising sustainable practices at every level of the investment process focuses on a transition to a net-zero economy that values social inclusion.


Protecting capital, delivering on objectives

Value is built on trust and maintained through the responsible management of capital. OWI has a deep rooted commitment to delivering our investor’s objectives, protecting their capital and delivering an ROI.


Nurturing a business ecosystem that creates opportunities

Business ecosystems that cross industries are better equipped to fuel sustainable growth than individual companies. We nurture opportunities to coevolve capabilities and develop strategic alliances that bring innovation, products and services to global markets through the UAE.


Harnessing the power of partnership

OWI values trust as the foundation of every partnership. We invest in partnerships whose existing businesses provide platforms capable of contributing to the ongoing development of the Emirate’s economy, its strategic objectives, and benefits to all humanity


Creating authentic, longterm value

As well as helping the planet and making society more inclusive, sustainable businesses offer higher returns for investors. Companies focused on achieving social and environmental impact are also inherently focused on risk and on protecting capital.


Looking after our people

Finance that drives sustainability requires truly engaged, highly skilled teams. We take care of our people and foster diversity and inclusion. Different perspectives aren’t optional, they are essential.

We are creating a sustainable business ecosystem through partnership and investment.

OWI has created a scalable, impact orientated investment strategy that invests in mutually beneficial joint venture partnerships. We focus on achieving impact, protecting capital, delivering a social ROI, and creating opportunities to coevolve capabilities and develop strategic alliances that work together or competitively around innovation and bring products and services to global markets through the UAE.